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The new head coach of the Germany volleyball team Andrea Giani has chosen 14 players for the upcoming European Championship tournament in Poland. Check out the full roster! 



Setter: Lukas Kampa, Jan Zimermann

Spiker: Georg Grozer... Show more

2017-07-26 2 2361 2351 1 min read
Kacper3 years ago 2351 2

The head coach of German national team Vital Heynen, announced the squad of 22 players for the European Games In Baku, Azerbaijan (June 12-28) with four debutantes.

Vital Heynen’s list:
Georg Klein, Tomáš Kocian, Jaromir Zachrich, Matth... Show more

2015-04-22 5 2194 2193 1 min read
Wilfredo_is_Marshall5 years ago 2193 5

Vital Heynen announced the names of 21 players who have already May 5 will begin pre-season preparation . Known for Polish fans player Georgy Grozer didn't found as so far in the National team.

Setters: Lukas Kampa, Simon Tischer, Sebas... Show more

2014-04-12 1 4380 4379 1 min read
vtnklmdc6 years ago 4379 1
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