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Michal Winiarski - New Headcoach of German National Team

#Germany #MichałWiniarski #GeorgGrozer #LukasKampa #LinusWeber #JulianZenger #TobiasKrick #RoadtoOlympia24


#AndreaGiani left the German National Team and is now Headcoach of the Olympic Champions, France National Team.

#MichałWiniarski wi... Show more

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[7 Sept]

Day 6 of European Championship, more teams have qualified into the final round of the games. Team Serbia, Italy and France won 3 games after day 6 and lock their chances of qualifying into the Round of 16. The match to watch yest... Show more

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German Volleybox is live now!

Two of Volleybox users did a great job by translating our project into German language ??. At the beggining @MaikeW translated almost half of the texts and then our linguist @slintyen got to work and finished her job.

You did amazing job ... Show more

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VNL men roster announced.

The long awaited roster for VNL is available now on VNL 2021 website. A mixture of young and experienced players set to play Rimini in the third edition of Volleyball nation league. The tournament will start on 28 of May with the Europea... Show more

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