Giovane Gávio 3rd meter spike (Brazil - Yugoslavia)

Boeing777 2019-09-17 08:30 • 285 views • 2
Huge spike in 3rd meter by Giovane Gávio. With Brazil national team, He won the gold medal at the 1992, 2004 Summer Olympics. As of the present day, he is the head coach of Superliga's most recent champions, SESI São Paulo. He is the only Brazilian player (and second overall, after Javier Weber) to win the Superliga both as player and coach.
1028930400, World League 2002 semi-final
Orfeo Superdomo, Córdoba

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Boeing777VN 7 1
1 month ago
This macth in semifinal of World league 2002. But I could not create a new match. Its need fix @Volleybox
Volleybox 43
1 month ago
@Boeing777 fixed, thank you!