Goran Vujević nice set (Perugia - Cuneo)

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Nice set presented by 40 years old olympic champion Goran Vujević. Despite his age and personal problems he is good enough to play in the Serie A. His team is a black horse of season 2013/14. They ended regular season on the third position and they won both matches in the quarter-final against Bre Banca Cuneo. In the semis they will face Copra Piacenza like in final of Italian Cup 2014. It could be last season of Goran. Probably he will manager of Sir Safety Perugia after ending that season. "Playing volleyball is harder for me in every next season. If I won't be good enough to play in Serie A I will resign. Italy is my second home and I feel well here.", he said.
Player: Goran Vujević
Date: 28.03.2014
Place: "Pala BreBanca", Cuneo (ITA)
Match: Sir Safety Perugia - Bre Banca Cuneo 1:3 (Play-off's, quarter-final, 1st match)
Kind of tournament: Italian League 2013/14 (Serie A)
Commentary: Italian
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eRKaPL 907
5 years ago
thank u very much for this clip, thank u. its awesome, thank u.
Wilfredo_is_MarshallRS 4490
5 years ago
@eRKa: hahaha very funny. hahaha very funny. hahaha very funny. hahaha very funny. hahaha very funny.