Grebennikov double touch? Really?

Volleybox 2019-08-13 12:32 • 455 views • 2
Very controversial decision made by referee during the most important match of The Olympics Qualification tournament played in Gdańsk. Three are a lot of similar and worse touches.
1565442000, The Olympics Qualifications 2019 Group D
Ergo Arena, Gdańsk/Sopot

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SherlockFR 11 3
2 months ago
Ridiculous home bias also during this match, at an important moment, Boyer justed pushed the ball across the net and the umpire gave the point to Poland, because he apparently caught the ball..
TidOCZ 23 2
2 months ago
Wrong decision (signal):
1. first contact is allowed to be double contact at the first hit of the team, the ball may contact various parts of the
body consecutively, provided that the contacts occur during one
2. what the referee wanted to signal is catch (he also showed it afterwards)
9.3.3 CATCH: the ball is caught and/or thrown; it does not rebound from
the hit.

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