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Hubert Wagner Memorial 2011 Decoration

2011-09-01 22:34
Several teams have already showed their amazing potential before the European Championship 2011 but also few national teams showed numerous shortcomings and their fans may be greatly anxious. One of such tournaments was organised in Katowice. It was a memorial dedicated to Hubert Wagner who was the most outstanding coach in Polish volleyball history, but it also was the last test before Euro 2011 for Poland, Russia, Italy and Czech Republic. Every of this team is going to fight for medal during the European Championship. In the last match of Memorial the Russians defeated Poland 3:0. MVP of tournament was Cristian Savani.
Date: 26-28.08.2011
Kind of tournament: Hubert Wagner's Memorial - IX Edition

Best Spiker: Maxim Mikhaylov (RUS)
Best Blocker: Luigi Mastrangelo (ITA)
Best Server: Alexander Volkov (RUS)
Best Receiver: Denis Biryukov
Best Libero: Andrea Giovi (ITA)
Best Setter: Lukas Tichacek (CZE)
MVP: Cristian Savani (ITA)
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Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 7 years ago
cool decoration
Zyta PL 7 years ago
Sorry Rachel, I missed his words.

@iceman cheers mate
Rachel BR 7 years ago
Zyta, big thanks for the explanation, you're always very kind to me...and I'm sorry for the misunderstood...
I don't know how to interpret what was said below but the thing is no national team should be "scared" of its opponent and if it is the other team has nothing to do with that, after all, every country has it's own issues to deal with.
iceman PL 7 years ago
He said "(...) Brazil is the best team of the world. The team which is scared of Brazil, lose very quickly. Russia didn’t scare."


Best regards,
Zyta PL 7 years ago
Rachel they didn't say anything about Brazil
Rachel BR 7 years ago
Congratulations to Italy, you're back again...I grew up listening to the italian anthem in almost every volleyball competition decoration, so it was a little bit nostalgic to me anyway...
I think I heard the commentator saying the name of "Brazil" and it made me curious to know what was said about us, but maybe it was just an impression...if it's possible, someone would be kind to translate it to me.
tysia PL 7 years ago
excellent organization of the memorial
Zyta PL 7 years ago
nice, that organisator played whole anthem, not only 40 seconds.
Kk15 IT 7 years ago
what a sweet movie to me

thanks again!


adi_tiger jastrzebie zdroj, Poland

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