Iraklis fans at the match Iraklis Thessaloniki - CSKA Sofia

greek-volley 2012-01-16 22:00 1754 views 4
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greek-volley Thessaloniki, Greece

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zver PL 7 years ago
szkoda że nie mają tak mocnej drużyny jak kiedyś. Wtedy pokazali by polskim klaskaczom jak się dopinguje
Jassasfa SA 7 years ago
I feel like I would like to dance on there cheering
raylight BG 7 years ago
CSKA coach said that the fans insulted them in some way during the match. I am not CSKA fan and I don't care much about it, but others do care.
przemek16 PL 7 years ago
to jest prawdziwy doping a nie klaskanie starych dziadków w Bełchatowie
This is a real encouragement and not clapping old grandparents in Belchatow