Iraklis Thessaloniki - Foinikas Syrou (full match)

2019-04-27 23:25 156 views
The heavy jersey of Hercules, which even had two messages tonight (support for Ferguson and antiracist slogans) and the passion shown by Yanni Orfanos's players made a difference in the second semifinals.
The "old" though he was losing with 2-1 sets and 8-5 in the 4th set turned over and defeated with 3-2 sets winning with his sword the second ticket for the final.
Thus on Saturday 20/4 at 20.15 for the second consecutive year after Rhodes we will have the final of two strong teams of Thessaloniki for the 33rd Men's Cup trophy.
2019-04-18-22-00, Greek Cup 2018/19 semi-final
Ierapetra, Ierapetra

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