Iraklis Thessaloniki - Panathinaikos Athens (Highlights)

2007-07-14 20:00
Highlights of Iraklis fans and their noisy cheering. See also their gadgets like: confetti and serpentines. Iraklis with Matej Cernic and Andrej Kravarik won the Champion title. See an explosion of joy ather last ball in that match. Pakito - Living On Video song on the background.
Date: 10.05.2007
Place: "Mikra Gym", Thessaloniki (GRE)
Match: Iraklis Thessaloniki - Panathinaikos Athens 3:2 (Playoff's, Final, 4th match)
Kind of tournament: Greek League 2006/07 (A1)
Commentary: Greek
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fadel BH 7 years ago
I like everything in this video
the song and Power game
O for these fans
They are making the game more enthusiastic
grboco GR 7 years ago
Pakito-living on video
Oli4 BE 7 years ago
Name of the song?
jannkes PL 7 years ago
i Ci kibole pamiętacie jak w którymś z meczów kibice z grecji odpalili race w hali ???
grboco GR 7 years ago
That was a really amazing match....
elpela77 AR 9 years ago
4:42 muy muy lindo eso que gran momento
guest WO 10 years ago
am from skopje am gim profesor mu skoll is100 number students vilige rakotinci am a sampion in maj kantri 2004 cildren prajmeri skol 14 old am meni kantry sampion sips 11 and all 6 olimpik games meni finals maj skull no valejbal bals bikoze aj like greek piple aj like fund work in grece children bois grles never maijn aj promas one represetiv ewri jear efharisto poli zoran

Originally posted by bacvar from Macedonia
guest WO 10 years ago

Originally posted by suresh from India



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