Quick news: Day 9 of Eurovolley Men, Pool phase finished off to Playoffs.

John Suen 2021-09-10 • 877 visualizzazioni

[10 Sept]

After nine long days of pool phase matches, we have finally reached the end of the pool phase and enter to the knockout round of the European Championship 2021.

Pool B Belarus verse Bulgaria, this match is the match decider for the last spot for the Round of 16. Belarus struggled early on with reception and attack in set one. Babkevich, the young opposite hitter has been starting through the outside hitter position struggled to contain serves from Bulgaria, giving away 2 reception error. In addition to reception instability, Miskevich the opposite scored 2 attacks but gave away 2 errors and 2 blocks out of the 7 attempts. In the second set they improved their reception but the attack isn't sufficient to bring their game up. Out of the 24 attempts in attack for Belarus, they scored 9 attacks with 1 error and 2 blocks while Bulgaria have 20 attempts and 14 scored points with only 2 blocks. Belarus improved their hitting in the third set with the young setter Kanstantsin Ysiushkevich and Babkevich return to the opposite position. However, in the fourth set Belarus were unable to maintain lead in the fourth set and with multiple mistake at the end of the set ultimately costed the chance for Belarus to push for the fifth set.

Pool D Germany was pushed to the fifth set and Slovakia was on the edge of going to their playoff, however, they were unable to push their way to another victory. Germany continues to be a strong serving team and very efficient in attacking Slovakia. Grozer is the lead scorer of the match scored 24 points, 20 attacks at 34.3 percent attacking efficiency and 4 attack points per set, with 3 blocks and 1 ace.


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