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I'm double checking the roster. I found some problems.. Bahrain

two setters: Ali Albosta and Sadeq Marhoon are not on roster.

Here is the offical bulletin, the setters on the list are not match. Please help to remove this two setters.

2023-07-08 3 994 920 1 min di lettura

Japan V.League Men's is going to have Final 4 matches. But can't add it. The system shows nothing more but only regular round. Please help to see what's wrong?

2023-03-29 2 1014 934 1 min di lettura

The roster picture of JTEKT Stings of Season 2022/23 clearly is wrong. I think the picture was from 2019/20 when they got the first title of V.League.

I want to remove this incorrect picture but can't figure out how. Please help!

2023-02-26 1 1043 1012 1 min di lettura


Here is the tournament : European Championships U20 2022

I don't know what happened but it kinda messy. Please help to remove the unrelated players.

2022-09-17 3 1353 1274 1 min di lettura

The tournament : South American Championship U21 2022

The format is wrong. According to this article from CSV, the format is all round robin. Anyone interested, please help to amend and update this tournament.

2022-09-16 0 1238 1203 1 min di lettura

FIVB already cut their roster down to 14 players per team, pls adjust  rosters of MCH 2022 to match up with FIVB.

2022-08-30 1 1442 1405 1 min di lettura

Starting from VNL,  I think some users are confused about rosters. FIVB allows 25 players to register for the tournament but it doesn't mean those players are in final rosters. Only 14 player roster should be added. Some players liste... Mostra altro

2022-08-15 0 1995 1970 1 min di lettura

Final 14 player roster of Japan has been announced. Please adjust the roster.


1 anno fa 0 868 719

CEV U18 Men 2022 had completed. But I can't find any tournament data of U18. So I tried to search the history data in CEV website. 

I looked into CEV U18 Men 2020, the last competition of U18.  Comparing data in VolleyBox, it shows as ... Mostra altro

2022-07-18 2 1602 1579 1 min di lettura

The tournament has begun in Tarnow Poland. I can't find which venue they use.. . Anyone has the information about that? Also it's great that if anyone can help to input the data.

2022-07-12 -3 1412 1392 1 min di lettura

New format has applied to VNL 2022. The pool phase and the finals.. . There're 6 pools. The data should inpute as Group 1, Group2….Group 6 or Group A, Group B…..Group F.

But Right now, the inputes are completely wrong and not unified.

A... Mostra altro

2022-07-05 0 1227 1208 1 min di lettura

FC Tokyo has secured another investment from a new company called Nature Lab Co.

The whole team will be transfered to new company. So I think it didn't count as bankruptcy any more. Please help to remove the Dissolution year.

Source: ht... Mostra altro

2022-05-27 4 2293 2262 1 min di lettura

when I log in, I see nothing in scores section

when I log out, matches can be seen

I am being blocked? anyone can help?

2022-01-03 2 2849 2781 1 min di lettura

Dream Team 2021 by Volleyboxers is on now, but I see few people voting. Did you vote yet?. Vote here: Link

2021-12-28 6 1963 1937 1 min di lettura

the on going tournament Japanese Emperor's Cup 2021/22

the preliminary only play 3 sets for a match, here is the official result: LINK

With only 3 set rule, I can't amend the results today. So any adverse?

2021-12-10 4 2718 2697 1 min di lettura

The club has announced they will stop all activities upon end of May.


2 anni fa 0 1129 1089

Due to the Covid-19 situation in Philippine,  JVA announced today that Japan withdrew this competition.


2 anni fa 0 1206 1036

I am adding matches of Japan Men's V.League 21-22 season

But I found the Halls section is confusing. I do not have permission to adjust the halls.

Like Panasonic Arena, this hall always is home arena of Panasonic Panthers. But I can ext... Mostra altro

2021-07-13 0 2085 2054 1 min di lettura

Those 2 players without jersey number are not in Japan men's team roster. I don't know how to delete them.

2021-07-13 2 2202 2174 1 min di lettura

hi, there.

I added a new Japan men's club called Fragolad Kagoshimaフラーゴラッド鹿児島

Official website:

It's a new club founded in 2021 and aim to get into V.League by 2023. I don't know why it's not approved. 

2021-06-19 1 2353 2325 1 min di lettura

All Japan High School Championship 2020/21

I can't add any matches in this tournament, I have added teams. Anyone can help?

2020-12-10 1 1430 1399 1 min di lettura

Most of clubs have several coaches. To identify who is in charge of the whole team training, I think “Head Coach” should be added. If not, it's confusing.

2020-11-23 9 1589 1569 1 min di lettura

I looked up the information in WikiPedia - LINK because the official data was 404 in JVA website.

One of the participants is 香川 under クラブ (which means Club in Japanese) 

There is one of the amature clubs operated by local volleyball ass... Mostra altro

2020-11-18 4 1949 1932 1 min di lettura

The tournament is here

Here is Official Result

2020-11-17 4 1650 1634 1 min di lettura