Italy - Cuba (World Championships 1990, full game)

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Archival match from the World Championships 1990. It was final battle between Italy and Cuba. You can see there young Andrea Gardini, Andrea Zorzi and Lorenzo Bernardi. Look at powerful spikes by Cuban player Joel Despaigne. He also known by his nickname El Diablo, has spike: 350cm in the Cuban national team. He was selected best volleyball player in the world of the 1989/1990 season. Italian team from the nineties is called "Generation of phenomena" now. That was the strongest team in the nineties, before coming of 'Galactic' Brazilian National Team (in the XXI century). They won final game against Cuba in four sets. See last points by Lorenzo Bernardi (1:17:00) in that match. Strength & Conditioning training for volleyball playersStrength & Conditioning training for volleyball players
Date: 28.10.1990
Place: Rio de Janeiro (BRA)
Match: Italy - Cuba 3:1 (Final)
Kind of tournament: World Championships 1990
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K-MED IR 4 years ago
Cubans were looked very different those days! Very strong and terrifying! nice video!