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Italy - Iran (full match)

Iraj Moghadam 2020-07-25 17:11 • 24 views
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Italy and Iran in the World League 2013. In the first match, Iran won against Italy in an extraordinary game ended 3:1. The teams was fighting until the end, but Iran’s coach Julio Velasco, who previously coached Italy’s men’s and women’s national teams, lead his team to victory. In the second match Italy was deprived another point by Iran, but they won in the tie-break (they scored two points). After second match Italy’s coach Mauro Berruto said: "We did not play 100%, some of the players were not physically at their best, but thanks to the group and the support of the public, we were able to take the match and redeem ourselves". Get volleyball job offersGet volleyball job offers
1372361400, World League 2013 8th round - Group B
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