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[19 Sept]

The final four of the European Championship, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia and Italy battle it out yesterday in Katowice.

Slovenia for the fourth time in a row beat Poland in European Championships. Previously, Poland has been beaten ... Show more

2021-09-19 0 1925 723 4 mins read
John Suen1 year ago 723 0

[30 August]

After two friendly matches against Belgium, De Giorgi decided the ultimate 14 men roster for the upcoming European championship , which Italy will began their competition in pool B in Czech Republic in Ostrava. Their first opp... Show more

2021-08-30 0 1322 817 1 min read
John Suen1 year ago 817 0

The new head coach of Italian men Volleyball “Azzurri” Ferdinando De Giorgi has called back 16 men to training in Mantua to prepare for the upcoming Friendly matches against Belgium in 25th and 26th of August and European Championship in... Show more

1 year ago 0 1893 865
John Suen1 year ago 865 0
Roberto Russo Achilles Tendon rupture.

The Federation of Italian volleyball announced the departure Roberto Russo from VNL roster due to an Achilles Tendon rupture. A MRI has shown that Russo suffers a much more serious injury then what was announced by the Italian volleyball... Show more

2021-05-21 0 1171 874 1 min read
John Suen1 year ago 874 0

In the Trentino turmoil, Simone Giannelli is now team Perugia.

Perugia has been recruiting players and staff left and right, with coach Grbic returns to his first coaching assignment and Matt Anderson joining the ship, along with Leon and... Show more

2021-05-20 2 1949 871 1 min read
John Suen1 year ago 871 2
VNL men roster announced.

The long awaited roster for VNL is available now on VNL 2021 website. A mixture of young and experienced players set to play Rimini in the third edition of Volleyball nation league. The tournament will start on 28 of May with the Europea... Show more

2021-05-19 9 8813 5221
John Suen1 year ago 5221 9

Italy Men's national team are getting set for Volleyball nations league. Major stars of the team, Juantorena, Zaytsev, Giannelli will not be participating in this edition of VNL. Roberto Russo suffered an Achilles tendon injury and he wi... Show more

2021-05-15 7 3010 1768 2 mins read
John Suen1 year ago 1768 7

Italian Men's volleyball has unveil their full VNL roster in 30th of April and by 14 of May they will concise the roster to 25 to fit into the maximum number of players to enter the VNL bubble. 

Head Coach Blengini will resume to his posi... Show more

2021-05-11 0 2330 2023 2 mins read
John Suen1 year ago 2023 0
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