Italy - USSR (World Championships 1978)

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Movie showing old style of playing volleyball: high balls to the wings, a long-sleeved shirts, float serves and old net rule. Typical "old" action starting at 0:27. Also nice play which disappeared: double-short on 6:40. Look how volleyball improved from that time: I wonder if that finalists would qualified with that play to the current World Championships. Italy played in the final of World Champs for the first time in the history. They got also their first medal in the World Champs. Soviet Union was absolutely favorites of that tournament. In 1977 they won European Champion title for the fourth time in a row (Italy was only the 8th). In The Olympics 1976 USSR was second and Italy on the 8th position. In front of thousands of Italian fans Soviets showed their best and won their 5th World Champion title. Both of the teams faced again at PalaLottomatica in Rome after 27 years in the final of EuroVolley 2005. Italy took revenge and won EuroVolley 2005.

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