Player data

Ranking 697
Nationality France
Position Middle-blocker
Birthdate 1986-01-01
Height 198cm
Weight 92kg
Spike 345cm
Block 325cm
Views 3620
Last login date 4 months ago
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Narbonne Volley - Spacers de Toulouse (Highlights) French Ligue A 2013/14 2014-03-15 Highlights movie from match of 24 elimination round in French PRO A. Narbonne won with Spacers in tie-break. This victory was very important for the Italian coach Giampaolo Medei's team. Scroing 2 po…
Narbonne Voley - Tours VB (Highlights) French Ligue A 2013/14 2014-02-22 One of the biggest surprises of this season in French League was in Saturday's match between Narbonne Volley (10th place) and Tours VB (leader of PRO A). Great climate for volleyball in Narbonne. MVP …
Beauvais Oise UC - Montpellier UC (full match) French Cup 2007/08 2008-03-09 Amazing match between Beauvais Oise UC and Montpellier UC. That was great final of French Cup 2008. It is a first trophy for the Beauvais in the history of the club. In that game you can see such pla…