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Aarhus, Denmark

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Position: Head coach
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Job starting from date: 2022-09-01
Job ending at date: 2023-05-01
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Job description

ASV is one of the biggest volleyballclubs in Denmark. We have around 350 members in the age of 18-70 represented in all leagues. Volleyball in Denmark isn’t the biggest sport, it is quiet small but everyone loves the sport and are engaged in it. We have both a mens and women’s team in the best league in Denmark and we are searching for a headcoach the mens team together with former headcoach Marius, who is stepping down. He will be a great partner for you to get to know the danish culture, the club and the players. We also want you to coach our first division mens team. We want to build bridges between the two teams, so players that are on the bench gets to play for first division team to get to play as much volleyball as possible. Our league team are practicing 4 times a week and first division 2 times. The practices are scheduled after another and Wednesday will be your day off. We will offer you an apartment. The apartment is a shared kitchen. It works as a kind of dorm room but with seperat room and toilet. It is located 20 meters from the gym. If needed, we will provide a bike for the you to be able to get around in Aarhus. We are right now working on the payment for the apartment but it might be 2300 danish crones payed from your salary or a lower salary so it is possible for us to pay. There should be internet at the apartment. The goal is top 5. It’s a very young team with new players so we want to work on their skills and make them greater players individual and as a team. Last year we ended with the bronze medal. You are welcome to contact us if there is any questions on [email protected]
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