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Position: Outside Hitter
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Job starting from date: 2021-01-01
Job ending at date: 2021-03-31
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An Indonesian Proliga club, is looking for a male player with the best quality Outside Hitter position, minimum height of 198cm, has a strong spike and the ability to receive the ball Experience playing in the Top Division in Europe or Brazil, and have strengthened the National Team of his country. Still actively playing Volleyball despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently not under contract by the club. We will only respond to agents / players who enter player data according to our criteria, such as position / height / experience and others. For the players outside, we are sorry we will not respond to anything. If you have a player with very good quality, please send CV and Video links to me via email: avantesportindo@gmail.com thanks.


  • Airplane Tickets in Roundtrip, Rooms complete with AC/Shower/TV/Internet - Meals 3x a day - Medical and Champhionship Bonuses
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