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Job starting from date: 2022-06-24
Job ending at date: 2022-08-03
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Hello all together, Before you write me, please read the text. At first: My Club in Düsseldorf can not pay a salary or send a invitation to players outside from Europe. We are more a rugy club there was play in a hobby mix matches and hobby mix league. We have 4 matches in the year and sometimes tournements. But i can help you an other way. I live in Solingen in near from Düsseldorf. You can come on the summertime holidays to me. You must not pay for the flat or room. Only your special things. In the summer holidays we can have a good time. We can play Beachvolleyball or visit clubs in Germany where maybe you can earn money. When these option good for you, write me back.


  • Living for free for 6 Weeks.
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