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Coaches (4)

Dave Preston
Dave PrestonUniversity of McMaster Marauders2010/11 - 2014/15 Message
Andrej Urnaut
Andrej UrnautACH Volley Ljubljana2018/19
Max Hauser
Max HauserWWK Volleys Herrsching2019/20 - 2021/22
Antonis Konstantinou
Antonis KonstantinouNea Salamina Famagusta2016/17

Coach assistants (3)

Michael Mattes
Michael MattesWWK Volleys Herrsching2019/20 - 2021/22 Message
Jurij Žavbi
Jurij ŽavbiACH Volley Ljubljana2018/19 Message
Nikolas Nikolaou
Nikolas NikolaouNea Salamina Famagusta2016/17

Statisticians (1)

Mitja Torkar
Mitja TorkarACH Volley Ljubljana2018/19

Press Officers (1)

Penner Eduard
Penner EduardWWK Volleys Herrsching2019/20 - 2020/21 Message

Volleyball players (61)

Andrija Vilimanović
Andrija VilimanovićACH Volley Ljubljana2018/19 Message
Jorge Emilio Payán Moreno
Jorge Emilio Payán MorenoNea Salamina Famagusta2016/17 Message
Jordi Ramón Ferragut
Jordi Ramón FerragutWWK Volleys Herrsching2021/22 Message
Vasilis Demetriou
Vasilis DemetriouNea Salamina Famagusta2016/17 Message
George Zikakis
George ZikakisNea Salamina Famagusta2016/17 Message
Artem Sushko
Artem SushkoWWK Volleys Herrsching2019/20 Message
Marin Novak
Marin NovakOK Hoče2017/18 Message
Ferdinand Tille
Ferdinand TilleWWK Volleys Herrsching2019/20 - 2021/22
Rok Satler
Rok SatlerACH Volley Ljubljana2018/19
Jani Kovačič
Jani KovačičACH Volley Ljubljana2018/19
Matija Pleško
Matija PleškoACH Volley Ljubljana2018/19
Stephen Maar
Stephen MaarUniversity of McMaster Marauders2012/13 - 2014/15
Adam Simac
Adam SimacTeam Canada Full Time Centre2015/16
Jan Pokeršnik
Jan PokeršnikACH Volley Ljubljana2018/19
Tom Strohbach
Tom StrohbachWWK Volleys Herrsching2019/20
Tyler Sanders
Tyler SandersUniversity of McMaster Marauders2011/12
Uroš Pavlovič
Uroš PavlovičACH Volley Ljubljana2018/19
Matic Videčnik
Matic VidečnikACH Volley Ljubljana2018/19
Petar Đirlić
Petar ĐirlićACH Volley Ljubljana2018/19
Diko Puric
Diko PuricACH Volley Ljubljana2018/19
Danny Demyanenko
Danny DemyanenkoUniversity of McMaster Marauders2012/13 - 2014/15
David Wieczorek
David WieczorekWWK Volleys Herrsching2020/21
Brandon Koppers
Brandon KoppersUniversity of McMaster Marauders2013/14 - 2014/15
Bryan Duquette
Bryan DuquetteTeam Canada Full Time Centre2015/16
Jure Okroglič
Jure OkrogličACH Volley Ljubljana2018/19
Mart Van Werkhoven
Mart Van WerkhovenWWK Volleys Herrsching2019/20
Tymofii Poluian
Tymofii PoluianACH Volley Ljubljana2018/19
Jan Brulec
Jan BrulecACH Volley Ljubljana2018/19
Jalen Penrose
Jalen PenroseWWK Volleys Herrsching2019/20 - 2020/21
Djordje Ilić
Djordje IlićWWK Volleys Herrsching2019/20 - 2021/22
Luuc van der Ent
Luuc van der EntWWK Volleys Herrsching2020/21 - 2021/22
Tim Peter
Tim PeterWWK Volleys Herrsching2019/20 - 2021/22
Johannes Tille
Johannes TilleWWK Volleys Herrsching2019/20 - 2020/21
Christos Prodromou
Christos ProdromouNea Salamina Famagusta2016/17
Marc Wilson
Marc WilsonTeam Canada Full Time Centre2015/16
Iven Fietje Ferch
Iven Fietje FerchWWK Volleys Herrsching2020/21 - 2021/22
Luke Thomas Herr
Luke Thomas HerrWWK Volleys Herrsching2021/22
Raymond Szeto
Raymond SzetoTeam Canada Full Time Centre2015/16
Jordan Or
Jordan OrTeam Canada Full Time Centre2015/16
Daniel Grant
Daniel GrantTeam Canada Full Time Centre2015/16
Andreas Chrysostomou
Andreas ChrysostomouNea Salamina Famagusta2016/17
Loukas Sofoklekous
Loukas SofoklekousNea Salamina Famagusta2016/17
Casey Kennaird Knight
Casey Kennaird KnightTeam Canada Full Time Centre2015/16
Samuel Jeanlys
Samuel JeanlysWWK Volleys Herrsching2021/22
Jayson McCarthy
Jayson McCarthyUniversity of McMaster Marauders2012/13 - 2014/15
Miha Cafuta
Miha CafutaOK Hoče2017/18
Georgios Chrysostomou
Georgios ChrysostomouNea Salamina Famagusta2016/17
Norbert Engemann
Norbert EngemannWWK Volleys Herrsching2019/20
Jonas Kaminski
Jonas KaminskiWWK Volleys Herrsching2019/20 - 2021/22
Sotiris Siapanis
Sotiris SiapanisNea Salamina Famagusta2016/17
Miha Šijanec
Miha ŠijanecOK Hoče2017/18
Andrew Richards
Andrew RichardsUniversity of McMaster Marauders2014/15
Konstantinos Kalafatis
Konstantinos KalafatisNea Salamina Famagusta2016/17
Aljoša Šikanič
Aljoša ŠikaničOK Hoče2017/18
Justus Lembach
Justus LembachWWK Volleys Herrsching2020/21 - 2021/22
Laurenz Welsch
Laurenz WelschWWK Volleys Herrsching2020/21
Andreas Tofi
Andreas TofiNea Salamina Famagusta2016/17
Tomaž Orthaber
Tomaž OrthaberOK Hoče2017/18
Benedikt Sagstetter
Benedikt SagstetterWWK Volleys Herrsching2019/20
Joshua Lichty
Joshua LichtyUniversity of McMaster Marauders2010/11
Colton de Man
Colton de ManNea Salamina Famagusta2016/17
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