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Justin Duff

Player data

Ranking 492
Nationality Canada
Position Middle-blocker
Birthdate 1988-05-10
Height 202cm
Weight 94kg
Spike 370cm
Block 335cm
Views 6327
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Player experience

Galatasaray Istanbul
Galatasaray IstanbulTurkey
2018/19 - 2018/19
connected by chrison
BKS Visła Bydgoszcz
BKS Visła BydgoszczPoland
2014/15 - 2014/15
connected by Kondes
Jakarta Pertamina Energi
Jakarta Pertamina EnergiIndonesia
2013/14 - 2013/14
connected by Kondes
Belogorie Belgorod
Belogorie BelgorodRussia
2013/14 - 2013/14
connected by Kondes
Arkas Spor Izmir
Arkas Spor IzmirTurkey
2011/12 - 2012/13
connected by Kondes
hotVolleys Vienna
hotVolleys ViennaAustria
2010/11 - 2010/11
connected by Kondes
University of Winnipeg Wesmen
University of Winnipeg WesmenCanada
2006/07 - 2009/10
connected by Bryan Fraser
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