Levski Sofia - CSKA Sofia (Highlights)

2019-02-09 08:43
Highlights from Bulgarian derby between Levski Sofia and CSKA Sofia. Amazing actions of both sides in that game. See such players like: Hristo Tsvetanov, Vladimir Nikolov, Smilen Mlyakov and Vladimir Stankov. 226 views
LazarovVolleyball likes it.
2019-02-06-23-00, Bulgarian League 2018/19 regular season - 15th round
Universiada, Sofia

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LazarovVolleyball ASSISTANCE COACH / SCOUT at LAZAROVVOLLEYBALLVIDEOS / LEVSKI SOFIA / BULGARIAN VOLLEYBALL FEDERATION Dobrich, Bulgaria HI! I`m an ex-volleyball player, scout and coach for LEVSKI SOFIA and Bulgarian National Team - Women! Loving making Highlights of our current Season and some of its best players!

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