Levski Sofia fans at the match Sofia - Piraeus

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What do you think of this situation? Bulgarian fans a stopped match between Levski Sofia and Olympiacos Piraeus in the second set (8:9). This was match from 1/16 finals play-offs in Challenge Cup 2012/13. The match was interrupted by Maxim Berdnikov (first referee from Russia). Take a look at this movie!
Date: 12.12.2012
Place: "Hristo Botev" Hall, Sofia (BUL)
Match: Levski Sofia (BUL) - Olympiacos Piraeus (GRE) 1:1 (Play-off's, 1/16, 2nd match)
Kind of tournament: Challenge Cup 2012/13
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foerst FI 6 years ago
This is disgusting. Totally disgusting... I can't find the joy in one's mind to do that. Yuck.
artko PL 6 years ago
Poland is more in Central Europe than you can ever probably imagine and we certainly do not use Cyrillic alphabet. Yeah, civilised long before we existed and declined long before we even started to exist as well, if you wanna be that precise. But that is not the point. Now, please tell me, how the hell can you contract a security firm for several years, knowing that the company is nothing but a joke? I mean, placing, how many was it once again, 3-5 security guards for the whole match? You've got to be kidding me. And this is not for the first time, as far as I can remember bulgarian clubs have had already some problems and were ought to pay fine mulcts several times. And what concerns this "pastuchy"-thing. I'm totally on Bartman's side. He was right. Well, how on earth can you throw things at a visiting team. YOU ARE THE HOSTS, FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! Are you civilised as you put it so nicely or are we in 3rd world country? And yes, we do have hools in Poland, I mean just look at EURO 2012 Poland - Russia game or the inglorious match in Lithuania. To stay clear, they are scum. Still we do not throw things at the opponents in an ordinary volleyball game with an "ordinary" fans indoors, no matter how bad the referee was. So do not try to preach me about the Old Great Bulgaria, your great gift of literacy to the world or your civilisation because that will only put you in a bad light. Why? Beacuse looking back at these matches and even a few more I am asking myself right now what is left of this great culture you were writing about? To me: very less. Now, that's a pity, isn't it?

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Someone PL 6 years ago
Don't be angry for us. I understand that the problem with hools and corrupted police is tough. A criminal system destroys a country. You're right: a problem with hools is in every country. Even in high-developed like Great Britain or Italy.
raylight BG 6 years ago
I was in a bus, rooted by Levski and CSKA hooligans in the 90s. They threw rocks in there. People fought with shovels on the streets - a few thousand man men and women. That's why I go rarely to football matches of Levski because hools are fools.

P.S. The situation is different - in Bulgaria - Poland match there were no such fans there. You wouldn't get alive if there were such people. And in Poland you have them too. Every country has hools. The difference is that hools don't go to volleyball matches in other countries and the police works there. Our police is run by criminals.

And these "Pastuchy" gave literacy to whole Eastern Europe and were civilised country long before Poland ever existed
Wilfredo_is_Marshall RS 6 years ago
Looks like a football stadium
adi_tiger PL 6 years ago
Zbigniew Bartman : "Pastuchy"
mateusz23592 PL 6 years ago
Jestem za tym, aby nie dawać Bułgarom organizacji jakichkolwiek imprez siatkarskich. A przyznanie im ME to wielki błąd...
Henyman CZ 6 years ago
They should deny them the acces to the matches.