Mads Jensen | First Tempo | Episode 29

Volleyball Explained 2021-01-14 • 1451 views

?❤ Until very recently #MadsKyedJensen was not a popular name in the world of volleyball. He played in US college championship, but in November 2020 things changed and he became part of the team of Verona in Italian Superlega instead of the French national opposite Stephen Boyer. In the podcast we discussed the following topics:
✅ How someone starts playing exactly volleyball in Denmark?
✅ Challenges of being a setter and an opposite at the same time! 
✅ Being left-handed - what are the advantages?
✅ Comparing coaches - Radostin Stoychev and John Speraw!
✅ Playing in Verona as an opposite - coincidence or not? 
Enjoy the podcast! ? 
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