Game data

Date from 2019-07-28
Date to 2019-08-05
Views 1149
Added by Anderson-Antunes
Administrators Anderson-Antunes, marciovolley

Final classification (18)

KondesPL 30pt (+3pt)
marciovolleyBR 29pt (+4pt)
Elías TerésES 27pt (+6pt)
Dunja50RS 27pt (+4pt)
Anderson-AntunesBR 26pt (+4pt)

TOP5 Best players of last round

Elías TerésES 6pt Winner: 2/2, Score: 2/2
evmoGR 6pt Winner: 2/2, Score: 2/2
Anderson-AntunesBR 4pt Winner: 2/2, Score: 1/2
marciovolleyBR 4pt Winner: 2/2, Score: 1/2
Behnam MohammadiIR 4pt Winner: 2/2, Score: 1/2

  1. Joining and participation in the game is free.
  2. No fees shall be charged during the game.
  3. The only prize in the game are points in ranking.
  4. After finishing the game points from the game will be added to your ranking points.
  5. Final classification is determined by points in the game.
  6. Points are awarded as follows:
    • 3pt for predicting correct score of match
    • 1pt for predicting a winner of match only
  7. Points are recalculated on the request of the administrator.
  8. We reserve the right to ban a user, in case of detecting attempts of cheating.
  9. Game begins at 2019-07-28 and will end at 2019-08-05 .