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(Edited 20/08/2021)

After the conclusion of Tokyo Olympics, I have settle down a bit to think about what happened in the Olympics. Tokyo Olympics is definitely one of the most interesting and surprising Olympics to a lot of people, with m... Show more

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John Suen1 year ago 1476 1
The Golden era of the French volleyball dynasty. Gold in Tokyo Olympics for France.

After a hard fought in the Ariake Aerna in Tokyo, France beat ROC in five to take home their first ever gold in Olympics.

France took the first two set and then ROC came back an took the third and fourth set after changing their setter fr... Show more

2021-08-08 17 2752 1939 2 mins read
John Suen1 year ago 1939 17
Argentina in a 3:2 upset winning their second ever Olympics Volleyball medal against their South American Rival Brazil

Argentina won their second ever medal in Olympics since 1988. This is their third  bronze medal match in their Olympic history. Coming into the Bronze medal match, Argentina has been the black horse of the tournament winning USA and Ital... Show more

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The Olympics is full of surprising result. This is what makes this sports so exciting and attention seeking. For some, it's the beginning of a new era and for others, it's the end of an era. With all the ups and downs in this Olympics, I... Show more

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French Tokyo Olympic roster unveil, 6 returned from Rio.

(18 June 2021) 

French volleyball federation has just announced the official 12 man roster for France men volleyball team to Tokyo Olympics. 6 of the 12 man returned from Rio Olympics, including,  Jenia Grebennikov, Benjamin Toniutti, Kev... Show more

2021-06-18 5 5785 3236 1 min read
John Suen1 year ago 3236 5

(17 June 2021) 

According to French volleyball federation (FFVB), Lyneel will leave VNL and not participate in Tokyo Olympics. Lyneel and the coaching staff along with head coach Laurent Tillie, he will not be participating VNL and Olympi... Show more

2021-06-17 9 2093 1321 1 min read
John Suen1 year ago 1321 9

USA volleyball announced their Tokyo Olympics men's volleyball 12 man roster with 8 alternates. 8 of 12 of Rio squad return to another Olympics in the coming summer.

12 man roster:


Micah ChristensonKawika Shoji

Outside hitter:

Thomas... Show more
2021-06-15 3 2502 1626 1 min read
John Suen1 year ago 1626 3
Interesting insight into Russia's VNL roster, Muserskiy listed as Opposite.

Coach Sammelvuo announces 15-men selection for upcoming Volleyball nation league and there are discussion into whether Muserskiy will play as opposite or middle blocker.

Muserskiy is definitely a legend himself, bring home Russia's first ... Show more

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New dates for the Olympics are confirmed by the IOC: from July 23 to August 8 in 2021


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How "lucky" are the Polish players everytime ?? Group A with only Poland and Italy, Group B with USA, Russia, Brazil and France !! This serpentine system is terrible.


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