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Volleyball to Remember: Brazil - Russia (WC 2002 Final) Other 2019-07-06 In 2002 Brazil won their first World Championship title after beating Russia in the final in a beautiful game where in a way the past and the future of volleyball met in terms of style of playing.
France - Argentina (full match) quarterfinal 2002-10-09 Quarter-final game between hosts Argentina and France. Despite great play in the first round Argentina was knocked out from the tournament by a revelation of World Champs 2002: France. The best scorer…
France - Russia (full match) semi-final 2002-10-11 Semi-final game of World Championships 2002 between France and Russia. After epic match Russia won 3:2. The best scorer of that game was Roman Yakovlev. Stephane Antiga and Frantz Granvorka scored 20 …
Poland - Italy (SET 4,5) Matches 2002-09-30 Poland won a battle with current European Champions in World Champs 2002. De Giorgi, Grzegorz Wagner and left-handed Sartoretti on the court. Look at Marcin Nowak (215cm) funny point in the tie-break…
Joao Jose 3rd meter spike Actions 2002-10-05 Great set by Nuno Pinheiro and 3rd meter spike from the behind by the best middle-blocker of World Championships 2002: Joao Jose. This game decided who will advance to the quarter-final of World Champ…
Brazil - Russia Matches 2002-10-13