MKS Będzin for 2019-2020 season

Plusligavb 2019-10-08 23:38 • 303 views • 3
Plusliga 2019-2020 season is coming soon, so I decided to start a series to summary all the teams, their transfers and chances for the good places at the end of the year.

First up there is MKS Będzin, the last team after 18-19 season.
Do you think they have got chances to be better this year?

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MKS Będzin
MKS Będzin
Tournament: Plusliga 2019/20
Place: ?
Team's lineup: Michał Potera (Poland), Piotr Macheta (Poland), Artur Ratajczak (Poland), Bartosz Schmidt (Poland), Dawid Dryja (Poland), Dawid Gunia (Poland), Michał Superlak (Poland), Rafał Faryna (Poland), Konrad Buczek (Poland), Tyler Sanders (Canada), David Sossenheimer (Germany), Jan Fornal (Poland), Pourya Fayazi (Iran), Rafał Sobański (Poland)

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SherlockFR 12 4
1 week ago
Oh yes I've forgotten this team ! Thanks, I have to admit that I didn't watch the entire video because this is not the most fascinating club of Poland
SherlockFR 12 4
1 week ago
They were last team and relegated. Why ?
Volleybox 43
1 week ago
@Sherlock because of Stocznia Szczecin Author told it on that movie.