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Volleyball first person - Setter & Wing Spiker Me playing volleyball 2019-12-26 Hi, everybody. Today we play 5 on 5. Setter - Wing Spiker - Всем привет. Сегодня играем 5 н…
4 weeks ago • 270 views
Jakub Abramowicz season 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 Me playing volleyball 2017-05-27 #14 --- Actions from season 2015/2015 & 2016/2017 --- Matches: 1. MKS MDK Warszawa - Norwid Częstochowa --- 2. MKS MDK Warszawa - Resovia Rzeszów --- 3.MKS MDK Warszawa - Chemik Bydgoszcz --- 4. MK…
2 years ago • 371 views
Miguel Alves Nº8 Me playing volleyball 2016-07-26 best moments off my self playing in national league off cape verde was 15 days playing every day for to go find a new champion in cape verde. good for me i help my currents team win that tytle.... tha…
3 years ago • 496 views
Yuriy Kalinskiy Me playing volleyball 2019-07-19 Highlights of Ukrainian wing-spiker: Yurii Kalynskiy training games in Slovakia, with team TJ Slavia Svidnik,before the start of the season 18/19 first league of Ukraine.
6 months ago • 134 views
Pavel Kandulinski in match ZBB - Rguor Me playing volleyball 2019-07-10 Pavel Kandulinski is opposite from Belarus. In season 2018/19 he played in Belarus 1st league. This game by him.
6 months ago • 43 views
Pavel Kandulinski in match ZBB - Shahter Me playing volleyball 2019-07-10 Pavel Kandulinski is opposite from Belarus. In season 2018/19 he played in Belarus 1st league. This game by him.
6 months ago • 52 views
Solo head and foot |Great moments Vietnamese League 2018/19 2019-06-24 This game is about the solo of amateur volleyball player who only use head and foot to play ball. They play for money for each game!
6 months ago • 185 views
Volleyball 4-4 Thu Duc: A.6, Linh Pho, Dau, Tuan vs Bau, Cuo Vietnamese League 2018/19 2019-06-24 Amateur volleyball in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city, Thu Duc. Here they played 4 players vis 4 players. That's funny games
6 months ago • 32 views
Christopher Chappelle in season 2017/18 Me playing volleyball 2019-04-06 A lot of good actions by Christopher Chapelle. He is spiker from USA and have a lot of amazing skills.
9 months ago • 164 views
Matt Hilling in season 2017/18 Me playing volleyball 2019-03-13 Matt Hilling highlights in season 2017/18 with Södertälje VBK. He is currently free and looking for a club.
10 months ago • 105 views
Dominik Żukowski Me playing volleyball 2018-05-18 My name is Dominik, I am from Poland. I'm searching a club for next season. Season 17/18 I spent in KS Metro Warszawa. When you interesting please contact me.
1 year ago • 467 views
Antoni Piotrowski in season 2017/2018 Me playing volleyball 2018-05-09 Highlights of Antoni Piotrowski in Skra II Bełchatów. I can play as a wing-spiker or a libero.
1 year ago • 357 views
Maciej Kurnicki in season 2017/18 Me playing volleyball 2018-05-10 This is my 2017/18 season in Skra II Bełchatów.
1 year ago • 228 views
Mohamed Adel block skills Me playing volleyball 2018-04-26 Compilation of effective blocks by Mohamed Adel. Egyptaian player U-21. Great performance in Egyptaian League.
1 year ago • 974 views  2
Manu Salvador pipe attack in slow motion Me playing volleyball 2017-09-24 Pipe in a training of Spanish player: Manu Salvador in Soria.
2 years ago • 538 views
Damian Gościański Me playing volleyball 2017-05-18 Young setter looking for club in 2017/18 season. In this year he played for Skra Belchatów (Young Plusliga 2016/17). Contact:
2 years ago • 785 views
Kajetan Kulik Me playing volleyball 2016-04-02 Kajetan was born in Warsaw. He is 20- years opposite spiker from Poland. Last season he played in MUKS Huragan Wołomin (Second Polish Division)
3 years ago • 556 views
Peter Stewart warm-up spikes Me playing volleyball 2016-02-20 This is a few older videos of hitting lines I alternate from wing spiker to middle blocker (excuse the Brazil v Argentina this website doesnt have the option for Northern Ireland teams
3 years ago • 946 views
Me playing Volleyball: Olhaco H1 - VC Sneek H1 Me playing volleyball 2016-03-22 Here is a movie to show a bit off myself. I am the white libero of VC Sneek (red) number 14. This is a match in the national cup of the netherlands, we won this match with 2-1. We play in the second d…
3 years ago • 752 views  1
Phil Freere in season 2015/16 Me playing volleyball 2016-03-15 Highlights from my first season overseas with Middelfart Volleyball Klub in Denmark. Best Attacker and Rising Star, making points during his home season in Australia in 2015. And possibly one of the s…
3 years ago • 1112 views
Rob Chatterton (2nd movie) Me playing volleyball 2014-03-07 Rob Chatterton starting on Varsity High School Varsity Team as a sophomore. Glenbrook North Volleyball Highlight Video #1
5 years ago • 831 views
One-hand Block by Wawer Me playing volleyball 2015-10-30 Amateur player (Łukasz Wawer) blocked 3. League player (Maciej Grześko) in sparing match between TSPS Bomadek Trzebiechów and Senip Zielona Góra.
4 years ago • 536 views
Volleyball headshot - boy vs girl Me playing volleyball 2015-08-29 Killing shot by strong boy. Action took place in amateur tournament in Oborniki Śląskie, Poland. Hvezdo Volley (killed girl) played with FOFF (killer).
4 years ago • 691 views
Gerrard Lipscombe in season 2014/15 Me playing volleyball 2015-06-03 Highlights from 21 year old NCAA college volleyball player Gerrard Lipscombe during 2015 Spring season. He wears #21 for Grand Canyon University, who compete in the NCAA division 1 volleyball league.
4 years ago • 987 views  2
Diogo Gonçalves vs Benfica Me playing volleyball 2015-05-25 Me playing in the third/fourth place match against Benfica. Here are some of sets, blocks and digs, hope you enjoy it. I play for Leixões SC junior team, i´m 18 year old and play as a setter
4 years ago • 520 views
Damian Siuta setter from Poland Me playing volleyball 2015-05-27 He was born in 1995r.05.08 Warsaw. Last season Damian played in Mos Wola Warszawa ( second Polish division ). He plays as setter, he has 191cm.
4 years ago • 700 views
Marcin Wojtulewicz Me playing volleyball 2015-05-27 Polish setter who last season played in the second division MOS WOLA Warsaw . Marcin Wojtulewicz 19.07.1994 Position: SETTER Height: 183cm Weight: 74kg
4 years ago • 679 views
3rd meter spike by Zharaskan Meiyrzhan Me playing volleyball 2015-05-22 3rd meter spike by 16 years old wing-spiker from Kazakhstan. Warm-up powerful spike in the training.
4 years ago • 793 views
Adam Miracle Me playing volleyball 2015-05-12 Adam Miracle University of Mount Olive 2010-2013 Highlight Video Information Place of Birth: Cincinnati, OH, USA Date of Birth: 23 October 1990 Residency: USA Passport(s): USA Personal: Male,…
4 years ago • 852 views  1
Volleyball Aces - Diogo Gonçalves Me playing volleyball 2015-05-14 I entered the game to serve and did two stragiht aces!! Diogo Gonçalves, 18 years old, Portugal, Leixões SC
4 years ago • 458 views
Isaias Sanches Me playing volleyball 2014-10-29 Highlights of Isaias Sanches from four matches of the Cape Verde league. Isaias was born in 28th of December 1993. His height is 1,95 m.
5 years ago • 843 views
Nikola Milovanovic #9 Setter Highlights Volleyball Me playing volleyball 2015-04-28 Fast review 00:15 to 2 & 1 04:04 to 3 06:55 to 4 10:30 kills 11:26 block 13:02 serve Hi guys, I'm a setter from Serbia and these are the highlights of the season 2014/2015! Enjoy watching! :)
4 years ago • 572 views
Vòlei 5 B Manresa 3 -  AE Carles Vallbona 0 Me playing volleyball 2014-10-22 Match of the second day of the second league match at divisón Catalan city of Manresa last 4 October 2014 The result does not reflect the game tied,
5 years ago • 543 views
CV L'ATMELLA DEL VALLES  3 - AE CARLES VALLBONA 0 Me playing volleyball 2014-10-22 Catalan match of the second division volleyball match at granollers. Match of the first round of the league 2014/2015
5 years ago • 454 views
Junior final in the region of Salonica (Greece) Me playing volleyball 2015-03-23 Youth final in the region of Salonica (Greece) !! The team of Iraklis finally won after a great game with hanth
4 years ago • 375 views
Rob Chatterton Me playing volleyball 2015-03-01 Rob is a middle-blocker and these are clips throughout the season. This includes the team taking first place at the St. Louis Dennis Lafata qualifier tournament. In the spring of 2014 Rob broke his wr…
4 years ago • 1227 views
Peter Stewart spike Me playing volleyball 2015-01-21 Northern Irish player Peter Stewart kills an awesome ball. Only 19 years old, and playing for Northern Ireland men's squad.
5 years ago • 2306 views  1
Player from CA Obernai Volley 4th meter spike Me playing volleyball 2014-12-25 Movie presenting skills of wing-spiker from CA Obernai Volley. Hear the sound of ball striking on the floor :-) He has 176cm. He reaches 325cm in attack and 310cm in block.
5 years ago • 2934 views  5
Amazing jump program is coming Me playing volleyball 2014-12-11 Get ready to boost your vertical JUMP! New jump program is coming that improves your vertical in 23 days.
5 years ago • 1143 views  2
Cadets Masculinos - Castelo Da Maia GC (last points) Me playing volleyball 2014-07-13 After winning 2 sets they lost two others and tied with the home team. In the final set, they were losing 14-8 giving the opposing team 6 match points. Castelo da Maia GC athletes believed in their se…
5 years ago • 2457 views  2