Narbonne Volley - Spacers de Toulouse (Highlights)

2014-03-23 23:20
Highlights movie from match of 24 elimination round in French PRO A. Narbonne won with Spacers in tie-break. This victory was very important for the Italian coach Giampaolo Medei's team. Scroing 2 points in that match they went out from the dead zone... But for how long? In the end of this video you can found a presentation of the new Young player of Narbonne: Peter Trolle Bonnesen. Guillermo Falasca scored 29 points in that game and he got MVP award once again. Jean-Philippe Sol scored 6 points by a block and now he is on the second place among best blockers of French Pro A 2013/14.
Date: 15.03.2014
Place: "Palais du Travai" Hall, Narbonne (FRA)
Match: Narbonne Volley - Spacers de Toulouse 3:2 (24th round - regular season)
Kind of tournament: French League 2013/14 (French PRO A)
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Centurions-Tv NARBONNE, France hi ! him vidéo man for the Centurion's the pro volley team of NARBONNE ! ( L A M ). i'm not a professional but i mean you can see it throught my vidéos ! lol ... i do also under water hunting and volley-ball of course !

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