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I am glad to tell you that next language version of #Volleyboxnet has been just launched. After launching Polish Volleybox, the next one is Dutch Volleybox.

It is a result of 20 days of work of @slintyen who was supported by @Dorien and @... Show more

2021-05-20 1 974 411 1 min read
Volleybox1 month ago 411 1

The long awaited roster for VNL is available now on VNL 2021 website. A mixture of young and experienced players set to play Rimini in the third edition of Volleyball nation league. The tournament will start on 28 of May with the Europea... Show more

2021-05-19 9 3796 1497
John Suen1 month ago 1497 9

European Championship qualification has just ended and the teams who will attend the 2021 edition of the games has been decided.

Top finisher will directly qualify for a spot in European Championship and the top 5 runner up team in the 7 ... Show more

2021-05-17 0 2392 307 1 min read
John Suen1 month ago 307 0


As Pool B, C and D have finished their qualification early this year, Pool A, E, F and G will begin their second round of qualification on 14th of May. 

In Pool A, the Netherlands will finish their qualification in home soil. Leading in ... Show more

2021-05-12 0 1018 163 1 min read
John Suen1 month ago 163 0

In a FIVB statement on April of 26th, FIVB announced that the Netherlands men's national team will replace China men's national team in VNL 2021. FIVB respects the decision made by the China Volleyball Association to withdraw its men's n... Show more

2021-05-11 0 460 145 1 min read
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