New Zealand Volleyball Haka

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If you watch New Zealand sports matches, you have probably seen a Haka before. If you haven't, check out the New Zealand Volleyball team perform the Haka during warmup! The Haka is a traditional ancestral war cry, dance or challenge from the Māori people of New Zealand. It is a posture dance performed by a group, with vigorous movements and stamping of the feet with rhythmically shouted accompaniment. The New Zealand rugby team's practice of performing a haka before their matches has made the dance more widely known around the world. New Zealand Volleyball national team in the final round of the AVC qualification for the 2014 FIVB Men's Volleyball World Championship took 4th place in group D (they lost game against South Korea, Japan and Qatar). Only South Korea will play in the World Champs 2014.

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NightFoxBG 1502 14
9 years ago
I agree with pearl 100% :D Rugby New Zealand haka is amazing but now as I watch this, I don't see it that way :D
pearlIT 1060 11
9 years ago
No way! Haka in Rugby makes sense but it definitely doesn't work here!

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