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Hello, i cant add new quarter final games in Russian Superleague 2022/23, and in the “rounds” section there is no buttons for me, can it be fixed?

2023-04-03 5 1359 1330 1 min lezen
Cehudo1 jaar geleden 1330 5

Such a question, is it technically possible and even necessary to add live broadcasts of games? Let's take the example of the Russian Super League. Most broadcasts are planned in advance, they are known and can be easily added by editing... Toon meer

2023-02-02 0 1155 1136 1 min lezen
Cehudo1 jaar geleden 1136 0

Hello, im just curious, if there will be a prediction game for russian superleague? Only a couple of days left before it starts.

2022-09-20 2 1643 1612 1 min lezen
Cehudo1 jaar geleden 1612 2

Hello to everyone, I want to create a page of the recently held volleyball spartakiad and I have a question, but instead of creating a bunch of new teams, can i leave the existing ones, and add only the Sirius federal territory to them?

2022-08-30 2 1288 1272 1 min lezen
Cehudo1 jaar geleden 1272 2
2022-08-28 2 1424 1413 1 min lezen
Cehudo1 jaar geleden 1413 2

Hello again, I ask for a helping hand in solving a small problem. I need to remove the players and coaches in this team, I can't do it myself.

Ivna Colombo was not part of the te... Toon meer
2021-04-02 8 2435 2410 1 min lezen
Cehudo3 jaar geleden 2410 8

Hello again, please, help me with my problem. In Russian League U20, we have odd formula of games. We have 1-6 places games, 7-10 places and 11-14 places games, but there are no such terms in “choose round” section. So, please, can you h... Toon meer

2021-03-25 5 2616 2603 1 min lezen
Cehudo3 jaar geleden 2603 5

@Volleybox Hello, i try it by e-mail, but nothing happend. Please, delete transfer of Anna Belova that was now verified. Its wrong and its totally my mistake. When i press "remove transfer", i get a message with error and when, i wright via e-mail.

4 jaar geleden 3 1154 1133
Cehudo4 jaar geleden 1133 3

Hello, another question: one coach was coach assistant on VNL in Russian Women Team in 2019 year. But how it add, when i have options 18/19 and 19/20?

4 jaar geleden 5 1036 1028
Cehudo4 jaar geleden 1028 5

Hello, if some team had two coaches per season, can i add to team two main coaches? Or must be only one?

4 jaar geleden 2 1066 1057
Cehudo4 jaar geleden 1057 2

@Volleybox Hello, im added information about coach Yuri Marichev, that in the season 18/19, half of the season he was coach of Proton-Saratov, and another half he was coach of Yenisey, and then in the last season and now, he again coach ... Toon meer

4 jaar geleden 0 1154 1144
Cehudo4 jaar geleden 1144 0

@ Volleybox Please, remove from male team Yenisei Krasnoyarsk player Pavel Zaytsev from seasons 2018/19 and 2019/20. There is no such player in this seasons in the team. I dont know, who add him.

4 jaar geleden 0 994 987
Cehudo4 jaar geleden 987 0

Hello, maybe you can add minus button n the "waiting room" section? Ten minuses=automatically deleted. Honestly, i even don't press plus button, becouse, i can't understand this idea. But this video about "call girls" is to musch i think.

4 jaar geleden 3 1090 1085
Cehudo4 jaar geleden 1085 3

Hello, is a "rent player" similar to "transfer"? Or it's better not to list to the tranfers?

4 jaar geleden 0 1022 1015
Cehudo4 jaar geleden 1015 0

@Volleybox but if i will start editing, "Dvorkin" just will change the name of palace to "Yarygin", but it's two different places.

When i click on "Yarygin palace" in searching box, i 'm enterening to the "Dvorkin" page and i can't change... Toon meer

4 jaar geleden 4 1145 1137
Cehudo4 jaar geleden 1137 4

Hello, in your database Sports House named after M. Dvorkin and Ivan Yarygin Sports Palace has the same adress 

Can you separate them?

4 jaar geleden 0 1077 1074
Cehudo4 jaar geleden 1074 0
4 jaar geleden
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