One Leon is not enough? | Volleyball Explained Podcast | Episode 12

Volleyball Explained 2021-01-06 • 524 views • 5

🏐 In the first podcast about the Italian Superlega for 2021 we commented on the implemented rule change (play-offs and lack of relegating teams) for this season in Italy, as well as on the matches from 15th, 16th, 17th rounds (and some postponed games), but also on the following topics:
✅ Is Wilfredo Leon enough to win and the opposite problem in Perugia - the defeats of Perugia against LUBE and Trento;
✅ Trentino playing better and better;
✅ What are the issues of Modena?
✅ Verona making a step in the right direction; 
And many, many more. Enjoy the podcast! 🔥 😍 
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jaisSI 213 8
5 months ago

Why doesn't Heynen rotates his recievers on the opposite? Or at least uses Leon as the opposite and Ter Horst on the other outside hitter? It seems to me that it would be more efficient to use Leon in zone 1 instead of Ter Horst. Definetively better efficiency in attack. I guess that ter Horst would do better if he was to attack in zone 4, as he has whole his career, while Leon would be with his attacking superiority efficient from the zone 1 as well. Thus Perugia would (possibly, maybe!) get another strong attacker in ter Horst, who has shown his attacking quality last year in Ravenna.

Why Heynen insists with Leon on the outside?

Volleyball ExplainedBGAuthor 60 6
5 months ago

@jais “Or at least uses Leon as the opposite and Ter Horst on the other outside hitter?” I commented with a friend exactly the same. Definitely could be tried, but we shall take into account that even in rotation 1 (setter p1) Leon goes attacking in P4, instead in P2, even with Ter Horst in the court. In my opinion it seems that Leon doesn't like attacking in P2, we don't know it for sure… Maybe on training his efficiency there is low…

jaisSI 213 8
5 months ago

@VolleyballExplained oops, didn't catch that.

Yes, you're right. That's really funny to me, because Leon's attacking skills are ridiculously good, and I cannot embrace the idea that he would be so unnefficient in zone 2 he wouldn't be used there. If he doesn't like zone 2, he should at least do it for the team. And I think he would do it for the team - so I guess it's all a part of Heynen tactical schemes. If you get Heynen on the podcast, please ask him that hehe ;)

SherlockFR 683 16
5 months ago

@VolleyballExplained That would not surprise me. Leon is such a physical beast, but probably one of the worst players in terms of technique. He has difficulties in reception, terrible in defense, his feints are also terrible. It would not surprise me that he's not comfortable with attacking in position 2. All he can do is attacking very strong in positions 4 and 6, and serving very strong. But he does it very, very well.

Volleyball ExplainedBGAuthor 60 6
5 months ago

@jais He was already a guest (First Tempo, Episode 12), during the first lockdown. :)

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