Philippe Tuitoga huge block on Ivan Raić

2015-02-17 09:42
Middle-blocker of Spacer's de Toulouse, Philippe Tuitoga played the game against Arago de Sète as opposite. Check out how fast that ball was stuffed to the floor. Philippe Tuitoga scored 15 points, including 2 points by a blocks. He ended most important balls. That was match of the 19th round of French PRO A 2014/15. Spacer's de Toulouse won in five sets especially thanks to an exceptional performance in the block (they scored 16 points by a blocks).
Player: Philippe Tuitoga
Date: 06.02.2015
Place: "André Brouat", Toulouse (FRA)
Match: Toulouse - Arago de Sète 3:2 (regular season - 19th round)
Kind of tournament: French League 2014/15 (PRO A)
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