Final game of Slovenian championship (today at 18:15!) Photo:

Final game of Slovenian championship (today at 18:15!)

jais 2021-04-25 • 235 wyświetleń • 3

Hi guys!

Today at 18:15 (CET) is the final, the most decisive match in Slovenian Finals series. The result in the series is 2:2, while the teams play on three victories. You are all kindly invited to watch livestream here.

The finals series so far. The series was not played at a quality as it was predicted. The main reason for this is state of Maribor team. Maribor entered the finals without their first attacker (Ahmed Ikhbayri) due to his injury. However, this was not enough, and throughout the series first libero (amazing player!) got injured and had an operation, furthermore even first two blockers were injured or ill. So it was really a miracle that Maribor recovered from being down 2:0 to 2:2 in series. The main reason for this is their collective and really passionate game and horrible state of team of ACH. ACH was a clear favorite of the finals. However they are playing exceptionally bad! Božidar Vučićević looks completely unmotivated, his efficiency average is 14 %, while in the last two games his efficiency was negative!! Besides his horrible performances, they play very individual game, completely bare of emotions, wish and passion. There's allegedly also some very bad chemistry in the locker room, which is probably one of the main reasons.

Predictions. It's very hard to make any predictions about the result. However, I am for sure that Maribor will play very passionately and that a lot of team attack will go through Rok Možič. If they feel the right energy if they make one, two, three ridiculous defences, they start flying on the court and they are almost impossible to stop. ACH is a complete riddle. After two horrible matches, there was a big fight right after the match caught on livestream. Coach had a fight with Vučićević and how that thing resolved no one knows. It will be very interesting to see, what can a team with such horrible chemistry and so much more quality that their oppponents do, when it really matters. I can't guarantee no high-quality volleyball, sometimes it can be quite horrendous, but I can guarantee really passionate volleyball (at least on the Maribor side of the net). You can see Rok Možič, 19 years old volleyball protegee, one of the brightest. He's having amazing games. 

Have a nice one guys! :)

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SherlockFR 692 16
3 miesięcy temu

That was an amazing game ! Rok Mozic is the leader of his team at only 19, brilliant.

jaisSIAuthor 215 8
3 miesięcy temu

@Sherlock Yeah, it was a roller coaster! But I just love it how passionately Maribor play the game. They really play one for all and all for one.

If anyone wants to see the replay of the match, it's available here.

jaisSIAuthor 215 8
3 miesięcy temu

Maribor dethroned ACH after 16 years of their reign! Amazing match, amazing emotions. Vučićević with negative efficiency once more. Maribor with amazing feelings. Great job!

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