Kacper 17
2017-08-20 • 2629 wyświetleń

Italians, in this tournament will appear in a little weakened composition. There will be stars such as Ivan Zaytsev, who resigned after the fight with the Italian for the shoes he is about to perform. Juantorena took a break, for the treatment of the aching shoulder, which was said a long time ago. Emanuele Birarelli, after the Games, resigned from the squad, and Salvatore Rossini lost the match quite unexpectedly with Fabio Balaso. 

Setter: Simone Giannelli, Luca Spirio

Spiker: Luca Vettori, Giulio Sabbi

Middle Blocker: Simone Buti, Daniele Mazzone, Matteo Piano, Fabio Ricci

Receiver: Oleg Antonov, Iacopo Botto, Filippo Lanza, Luigi Randazzo

Libero: Fabio Balaso, Massimo Colaci

Coach: Gianlorenzo Blengini

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Italy - European Championships 2017 Roster
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