2023-03-06 • 1188 wyświetleń

So… since the regular season ended…. and the play-out and play-off tournaments follow the world cup style I think so, From Serie A2 g.A, the original 12 teams are divided into 2 groups of 6, top 6 to Pool promotion, bottom 6 to pool “demotion”? (og: "salvation"), and the Serie A2 g.B, the original 11 teams are divided into the other top 6 to one and bottom 5 to the other… 

THEN the first one in pool promotions advances to Serie A1, and the 2nd to 5th have to do a play-off with the ones from demotion from Serie A1.

On the other side, the demotion doesn't have a playout… top 5 keep in Serie A2, bottom 6 go down to B1.

Forgot to mention, in both pools, (as in the world cup) teams keep the original points in the regular season (full in demotion, a compensation for the promotion because of the difference in the number of teams), the reason why it's not a compensation in the demotion one… it's that the promotion one plays only once; and the demotion pool plays home and away matches so they'll get to rest 2 dates anyway. 

Now… how the FREAKING HELL I (I, I'll do it… unless you guys want to do it… go for it) put ALL OF THE ABOVE… 

In “there is only one Serie A2 group with 23 teams in volleybox for the 2022/23 season” style we have here?. 



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Kto jest najlepszym siatkarzem w historii?Zobacz ranking siatkarzy