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The Russians at the previous European Championships did not reach anything, they finished the quarterfinals. This year promises good in Russian volleyball. Changing coaches, rejuvenating the team in the world league and taking a good 6th place. At the Championships returned to the frame of the biggest stars.

Setter: Siergiej Grankin, Alexander Butko

Spiker: Maxim Mikhailov, Maxim Zhigalov

Middle Blocker: Andrey Ashchev. Artem Volvich, Alexey Ostapenko, Ilyas Kurkaev

Receiver: Yuriy Berezhko, Alexander Markin, Egor Kliuka, Dmitriy Volkov

Libero: Roman Martyniuk, Valentin Golubev

Coach: Sergey Schlapnikov

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Russia - European Championship 2017 Roster
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The surprising absence of Dmitriy Kovalev and Dmitriy Muserskiy.
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@Kacper: There is no suprise. Dmitry Kovalev is injured and Dmitriy Muserskiy skips this season in national team.
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