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2017-07-31 • 3277 wyświetleń • 2 replies

After a great success at the previous European Championships in Slovenia, there was a change of coaches. The once great Andrea Giani replaced Andrea Giani. Today Slovenian people are not ordinary, today they are in the role of favorites.


Setter: Dejan Vincic, Gregor Ropret

Spiker: Mitja Gasparini, Toncek Stern

Middle Blocker: Alen Pajenk Danijel Koncilja, Jan Kozamernik, Saso Stalekar

Receiver: #TineUrnaut, Klemen Cebulij, Alan Sket, Ziga Stern

Libero: Jani Kovacic, Urban Toman

Coach: Andrea Giani

#EuropeanChampionships2017 #KlemenCebulj #TineUrnaut #Slovenia #MitjaGasparini

Slovenia - European Championship 2017 Roster
KacperAuthor 17 7
6 lat temu

There is not much change in Slovenia. I would like to repeat the success of 2 years ago because it was not a coincidence.
Rieze 3 4
6 lat temu
I hope Slovenia will continue their success. Also the coach should be Slobodan Kovac, not Andrea Giani anymore.
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