Walbrzych does not give up the 1st league of Polish men! Confusion!

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Walbrzych does not give up the 1st league of Polish men! Confusion!

Yesterday was the preliminary composition of the 1st league of men and pair of 1st round of the main round, accepted by the Division of PZPS. The schedule and composition of the league must still be approved by the board of the Polish Volleyball Federation, but we already know that in the case of PlusLiga, we are preparing for a dispute over Victoria Walbrzych.

The deadline for submitting entries to the Men's League for 2017/2018 has expired on June 15th. Until that time, activists of Victoria Wałbrzych did not submit their application, the press speculated that Victoria due to budget problems may not play at this level of play. The activists from Wałbrzych, however, did not give up, informed PZPS that this situation may occur and their application will be sent a little later. And according to their statement, such a request was sent on June 30, so two weeks after the deadline.

Competition Division of PZPS in accordance with the submitted submissions successful elements of League I and II League. There is no team from Wałbrzych, who ... did not send in the application. In the 1st Division there is often the fallow Norwid Czestochowa, who welcomes the fact that in the first division men appeared free place after Victoria. In Czestochowa they started preparing for the first league games, whereas in Wałbrzych ... they also claim that they will play in the backstage of the league.

The situation is that it will be performed by the board of the Polish Volleyball Federation. The possibility of many - the rejection of Victorian Wałbrzych's claims, the filing of the application for the time, the participation of Victoria or as the thirteenth team. It may still seriously be the case that 12 out of the teams will not start in the competition and the identity of its wandering.

Below we present a statement by Victoria Wałbrzych:

Due to the numerous information appearing in the media and on various social networks we inform that the team of Victoria PWSZ Wałbrzych was submitted to the men's volleyball league on 30 June. Although it happened after the PZPS set it does not conflict with the rules of the game. The final composition of the first league of the volleyball league 2017/2018 will decide PZPS.

It is true that far away sponsors of the club have withdrawn Wałbrzyskie Coking Plant Victoria SA We hope that we will save over the years, without any new team for the league and league success and I made the I League Championship in the 2014/2015 season. More than 10 years of co-operation would be useful with WZK Victoria S. Creating a stable youth sequence, choosing a goal with further development, selecting us to rebuild the tradition of the Wałbrzych volleyball. Only hope is that in the future will be the re-establishment of cooperation.

Together with other companies and other sponsors, you may be a further partner in the league.

Work and budget in 2017/2018 are so warmly welcome all the volleyball fans to our cooperation. Victoria PWSZ Wałbrzych is not only older, but also juniors, cadets and youngsters. In the upcoming season we plan to continue training young people by creating two groups of youngsters, two groups of cadets and the first juniors. We hope that thanks to financial support, we continue to meet our goals in terms of generation of youth groups.

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