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Can someone explain me why kurek and Wallace change their shirts.. ?? 

@gryfny_bergmann  respect.   I told him the same speak English. (even I speak 6 and Russian one of them) 

he said that Urnaun middle class player doesn’t  worth to rebuy him. Better to get Cebulj.  

@Dmitrijj168  по Английский плииииз я не понемать на русский.  

What a come back Netherlands against France. 
Nimir 42 points ???

To my opinion this VNL is so unpredictable 

Russia lost to Japan. 
Brazil lost to France (which on my opinion Brazil stronger) 

France lost to Serbia.  

@jais cuz everything went down in club cuz Leon and Anderson left. Being top club in the work pass few years than finishing last year somewhere in the middle is not good feelings.  

who saw Iranian new volleyball coach ? (Alekno) he does not look like him. lost weight and face look diff. Maybe he just upset that his only son retired volleyball at 24 years. 

@Montas that’s I was about to text.  I think next year Perugia will have the most powerful team with Leon, Math, outside.  Janelli setter and Ruchlicki opposite  (not sure yet with middle blockers ) 

@MefiuLeon sounds like you are plotnitski cousin that left poor Ukraine to work in Poland..

According to Anderson he might play opposite in Perugia. 

I wish this web mark unread mess. Kind tired to go back and try to read 36797 Unread mess ..

@Sherlock isn’t Grebennikov coming to us (Russia )? Zenit SPB ? 

Sergey Grankin will stay in Berlin Recycling till 2023

@PierreFoucault  sorry let me explain. Yesterday I saw on insta BRvolleys ( Berlin recycling volley ) got back Eder carbonera and Stecko lisinac back on their team for CL quarter finals. My question was that is a true that lisinac left TRENTINO ?? 

Can someone elxplain this post ? 

@PierreFoucault I do follow Russian league and ural somewhere in middle and the game based on muzaj 90% attack is going trough him and if he doesn’t have a good they they loose and he isn’t great this season I still this he is weaker than. Atanasijevic. I think the atanasijevic is hurt and can’t perform his best.  

@J.P.  Exactly what I said when they sing Evan. Plus I watch Russian league the Muzaj not that good for this level. 

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