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(18 June 2021) 

French volleyball federation has just announced the official 12 man roster for France men volleyball team to Tokyo Olympics. 6 of the 12 man returned from Rio Olympics, including,  Jenia Grebennikov, Benjamin Toniutti, ... Pokaż więcej

2021-06-18 5 2489 983 1 min. czyt.
John Suen1 miesiąc temu 983 5

(17 June 2021) 

According to French volleyball federation (FFVB), Lyneel will leave VNL and not participate in Tokyo Olympics. Lyneel and the coaching staff along with head coach Laurent Tillie, he will not be participating VNL and Oly... Pokaż więcej

2021-06-17 9 957 344 1 min. czyt.
John Suen1 miesiąc temu 344 9

USA volleyball announced their Tokyo Olympics men's volleyball 12 man roster with 8 alternates. 8 of 12 of Rio squad return to another Olympics in the coming summer.

12 man roster:


Micah ChristensonKawika Shoji

Outside hitter:

Tho... Pokaż więcej
2021-06-15 3 1323 540 1 min. czyt.
John Suen1 miesiąc temu 540 3

It is disappointing to see how FIVB responses to the recent incident between Serbian volleyball team with Thailand volleyball team. They have decided to put out two statement via Twitter stories and Instagram stories, which is a 24hr ... Pokaż więcej

1 miesiąc temu 0 137 82
John Suen1 miesiąc temu 82 0

In the match up with Serbia against Thailand, Serbian Libero Sanja Djurdevic has shown a racially charged gesture during the match. Though she has apologies to team Thailand, I want to address the issue and it is deeply concerning and... Pokaż więcej

1 miesiąc temu 3 313 147
John Suen1 miesiąc temu 147 3

According to World of volley only 9 members of the Argentinian men's volleyball team has arrived in Italy. Santiago Danai, Bruno Lima and Nicolas Lazo were tested positive, which lead to some of the players being isolated in the proce... Pokaż więcej

2021-05-22 0 903 295 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 295 0

It's no secret that Trentino is in some sort of turmoil. Rumors of players fleeing away from the team, the first big transfer bomb came yesterday where Giannelli is transferred to Perugia, even though 2 years ago the setter reached an... Pokaż więcej

2 miesięcy temu 2 605 230
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 230 2

The Federation of Italian volleyball announced the departure Roberto Russo from VNL roster due to an Achilles Tendon rupture. A MRI has shown that Russo suffers a much more serious injury then what was announced by the Italian volleyb... Pokaż więcej

2021-05-21 0 386 149 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 149 0

The one time European Championship gold medalist team has decided to renew their contract with Australian Star Libero Luke Perry for another season. The Australian join the famous French team late in the season.

Perry's 2019/2020 seaso... Pokaż więcej

2021-05-21 5 584 194 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 194 5

In the Trentino turmoil, Simone Giannelli is now team Perugia.

Perugia has been recruiting players and staff left and right, with coach Grbic returns to his first coaching assignment and Matt Anderson joining the ship, along with Leon ... Pokaż więcej

2021-05-20 2 966 243 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 243 2

Coach Sammelvuo announces 15-men selection for upcoming Volleyball nation league and there are discussion into whether Muserskiy will play as opposite or middle blocker.

Muserskiy is definitely a legend himself, bring home Russia's fir... Pokaż więcej

2021-05-20 6 1210 530
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 530 6
John Suen
2 miesięcy temu

Tokyo Olympics might very well be the last time that we will see Kim Yeon Koung wearing the South Korean team uniform. According to an interview with Kim Yeon Koung ahead of the VNL in Rimini, she expressed that the reality of Olympic... Pokaż więcej

2 miesięcy temu 0 750 172
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 172 0

The long awaited roster for VNL is available now on VNL 2021 website. A mixture of young and experienced players set to play Rimini in the third edition of Volleyball nation league. The tournament will start on 28 of May with the Euro... Pokaż więcej

2021-05-19 9 4494 1810
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 1810 9

LZ sports Pro owner Georges Matijasevic announced the return of coach Grbic to Sir Safety Perugia after 6 years starting his coaching career in here. According to the Instagram post, he will be coaching 2 seasons in Perugia from 2021 ... Pokaż więcej

2021-05-18 0 962 197 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 197 0

Volleyball federation of Serbia has announced their roster for VNL in Rimini. Signature players of the team continues their journey with the team along with a few new edition to the team.



Nikola Jovovic

Vuk Todorovic 

Aleks... Pokaż więcej

2021-05-18 0 1024 465 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 465 0

As the qualification of European championship ended yesterday, and the top 12 teams out of the 23 teams qualifies into the preliminary round of European championship.  Sweden returns to the elite groups since 1983. Finland first conse... Pokaż więcej

2021-05-17 1 812 223 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 223 1

European Championship qualification has just ended and the teams who will attend the 2021 edition of the games has been decided.

Top finisher will directly qualify for a spot in European Championship and the top 5 runner up team in the... Pokaż więcej

2021-05-17 0 3029 400 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 400 0

4 Times Italian Champions, 3 time European Champions, and 5 times World Champion, team Trentino seems to be in turmoil after rumours of major stars of the team leaving for other Italian team. Once a powerhouse of world volleyball, I h... Pokaż więcej

2 miesięcy temu 0 91 43
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 43 0

The Russian volleyball association unveiled their roster for men's volleyball for VNL on Instagram. Major stars of the team will participate in the VNL.


Pavel Pankov

Igor Kobzar (C)


Maxim  Mikhaylov

Victor Poletaev

Outside ... Pokaż więcej

2021-05-15 0 888 426 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 426 0

After winning Belgium in a convincing fashion in friendly match  4 to 0, the Polish giants are announcing their VNL roster to Rimini. 

On 14 of May, head coach Vital Heynen and the Polish Volleyball federation announced their pick for ... Pokaż więcej

2021-05-15 0 909 301 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 301 0

Italy Men's national team are getting set for Volleyball nations league. Major stars of the team, Juantorena, Zaytsev, Giannelli will not be participating in this edition of VNL. Roberto Russo suffered an Achilles tendon injury and he... Pokaż więcej

2021-05-15 7 1022 460 2 min. czyt.
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 460 7

FIVB has yet to accept the withdrawal of Thailand Women's volleyball from the VNL. FIVB and Thailand volleyball association tries to create an solution that allows the Thai team to continue their journey to Rimini. The Thai team has r... Pokaż więcej

2021-05-14 2 637 273 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 273 2

USA women's volleyball head coach Karch Kiraly along with his staff have announced 18 players to return to VNL to defend their 3rd VNL title. USA has been dominating VNL winning both edition and is the only defending champion of VNL. ... Pokaż więcej

2021-05-14 0 1184 339 1 min. czyt.
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 339 0

Food for thought, will COVID be the end of Multi host tournaments? COVID restriction isn't easing up as quickly as we want, with quarantine, virus testing and travel restriction still in place in many countries, I think it will be dif... Pokaż więcej

2 miesięcy temu 0 128 54
John Suen2 miesięcy temu 54 0
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