Poland in EuroVolley 2013 (Trailer)

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This movie shows how much are expectations for Polish team in EuroVolley 2013. A real earthquake has happened in Polish National Team since the worst performance in World League. Not only did Andrea Anastasi break down a core of his squad cutting out two leaders Krzysztof Ignaczak and Zbigniew Bartman, but he also tried to enforce a new game system using an nominal libero, Damian Wojtaszek, as a regular wing-spiker. What is more, the Italian coach of Poland relied on a fresh and talented spiker Grzegorz Bociek. At the outset, all these acts turned out to be ineffectual, because Poland lost three test matches against Serbia and here appeared a lot of anxiety among Polish fans , but not for long. One week ago, Polish national team played in the "Hubert Wagner's Memorial", the most prestigious friendly competition in volleyball schedule, overcoming Germany and the Netherlands in impressive style. Poland lost game against Russia 1:3. That tournament confirmed Poland’s players did not forget how to play volleyball and are one of the greatest candidate to conquer Europe for two consecutive years, in particular that they are going to perform in front of home crowd. Create volleyball agency websiteCreate volleyball agency website


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