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Poland - Russia (full match)

Wilfredo_is_Marshall 2014-09-20 08:29 • 4166 views • 3
World Champs 2014: Poland in decisive match won against current Olympic Champion in five sets. Mariusz Wlazły was unstoppable again! He once again lifted Poland to victory, this time with 28 points, while Russia’s Dmitriy Ilinykh scored 22 points. Poland will move to Katowice for the semifinals, while Russia will stay in Lodz to fight for fifth place with Iran. Poland coach Stephane Antiga said: "I want to underline the fact that we needed to win at least two sets with Russia, who is never an easy team beat. I believed in my team because they played at a very good level. I did not think that Russia is stronger than the opponents we have played with so far. I’m really pleased with the good performance of all the players who had the chance to play today. Our way to the final should be a little easier now because as the winner of Group H we will face the second team from Group G, Germany, but all the teams at this stage are playing really well". Buy Volleybox gadgetsBuy Volleybox gadgets

Date: 18.09.2014
Place: "Atlas Arena" Hall, Łódź (POL)
Match: Poland - Russia 3:2 (Group H, 3rd match)
Kind of tournament: World Championships 2014


BernySK 648 6
5 years ago
I started up sir, and then info that movie is removed due copyright rights. Therefore i was pissed off. But now it seems ok :-)
BernySK 648 6
5 years ago
fuck on polish tv rights
MrMxyzptlkDE 61 3
5 years ago
@Berny: Are you even trying to start the videos or are you just commenting for the sake of it?

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