Polish fans (Poland - Argentina, World League 2013)

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"The Polish volleyball fans are terrific! We hope you fans will make the same fantastic atmosphere at the historic Final Four Weekend in Copenhagen", said one of the organizers of EuroVolley 2013. Polish fans in action! This september, they hope to take over Parken, Copenhagen, for the Velux EuroVolley 2013 Final Four weekend in Denmark. Get your tickets here: https://volleyball.www2.dk/ . Look at great climate at the hall the during match between Poland - Argentina (World League 2013). Ergo Arena is the center of great sport and cultural events in Poland. The arena is one of the most advanced in Europe and can host up till 15.000 spectators. European Volleyball Championship will be the 28th edition of the tournament and going to be hosted by Denmark and Poland. The matches will take place in 6 different cities. The Preliminary Group B consisting of Poland, Slovakia, France and Turkey will be played here. Buy Volleybox gadgetsBuy Volleybox gadgets
Date: 30.06.2012
Place: "Ergo Arena", Gdańsk/Sopot
Match: Poland - Argentina 3:1 (Group A, 8th round)
Kind of tournament: World League 2013 Intercontinental round


NXTPL 249 3
6 years ago
What I like the most (and players are talking about it a lot aswell) is the respect that our fans are showing to players. Both from Poland and other countries
Wilfredo_is_MarshallRS 4451 20
6 years ago
They fans are going to get louder and prouder because volleyball is becoming more popular each year!
Angelos AlexiouCY 39 2
6 years ago
dream of every athlete to play with such warm and loud fans!!!

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