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European Championship qualification has just ended and the teams who will attend the 2021 edition of the games has been decided.

Top finisher will directly qualify for a spot in European Championship and the top 5 runner up team in the 7 ... Show more

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As Pool B, C and D have finished their qualification early this year, Pool A, E, F and G will begin their second round of qualification on 14th of May. 

In Pool A, the Netherlands will finish their qualification in home soil. Leading in ... Show more

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World League 2013 (Group C)
It is time for opening this topic! This is Group C. Here will play: Canada, South Korea, Finland, The Netherlands, Japan, Portugal. As we already know, FIVB with a new president Ary Graça have decided to new formula of the World League. ... Show more
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Portugal replaced Egypt in World League 2013
Portugal, ranked 36th in the world, finished 16th in last year’s World League and were eligible to fill the vacancy left by Egypt who withdrew citing difficulty in complying with tournament regulations - having lost to the Netherlands in... Show more
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