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I'm writting here since I was thinking recently after playing some NHL 2015 with a friend:


How a volley-ball game need to be done so it's actually excellent? (Imagine: FIVB world league 2015 video game? Would be sick. :P)

Here what I think it should be.

  • Controlling players: I think the main issue would be controlling each player seperatly... I'd say that switching players would be always manual... Or never change during a rally?
    • Example: I press "Y" from the xbox controller to switch between players.
  • Moving player: Obviously, it would be the joystik from the controllers. The biggest headache would be combining sprint and placement.(Maybe add a sprint button?)
  • Blocking: The side button of the controllers would be the button to press concerning the orientation. The jump will be automatic.
    • Example: I'm Lucas Saatkamp of Brazil, and I want to block on the right, then I press "R" from the Xbox controller(Or PS4, etc.)
  • Attacking: One of the joystik would be the target: It would move a target on the field(The target can be set invisible so once you're used to it, it won't show where you will hit) Pressing a button("X"?) will make the character hit it.(So it will rely on timing) The problem would be: Figuring a way to say to the game: I want to hit hard as the player can or just do a tip)
    • Example: Exactly like the target thingy from Mario party 4 bach volleyball game. Except, the target would be variable concerning the player, power and timing. To hit the hands, the target would be far away.
  • Jumping to attack: Hold the "A" button will make the player ready to jump(Not to block, but to attack) Releasing it will make the player jump(The foward motion during the jump would be automated) The setter would have to mash the "A" button often. (No holding before)
  • Deciding where the setter will pass: Use the cross pad.
    • Example: Left = wing spiked, Up = middle, right = opposite in front, down right: opposite behind the 3 meter line, down = pipe. Down left: Libero(Useless, but still) Up right: a FAST ball to the wing spiker. Up right: A fast ball to the opposite.
  • Time-out: Select button(or via the pause menu)
  • Substitutions: Via the pause menu. The libero subsitution can be automated... The problem is if you want to do a different substitution(Like when Sokolov were in Cuneo, when he was in the back row, he stayed in the backrow), how would it be made?
  • Diving:  Sprint + "B" button.
  • Dig + Sets: "B" button.

I know some games exist, but it seems that it's absent from the console games almost and it's often badly implemented from what I read...

Volley-ball video game
oioi 383 5
8 anos atrás
I would love a volleyball game. But I think it would only work if it was made partly normal and partly in slow motion. Not the same dynamics as Fifa or other sport games because it would need much more control over players. Don't know about consoles as I'm only PC player but I think it won't be easy to make.
NiamekAuthor 152 5
8 anos atrás
Yeah you're right, reducing the speed is capital, since it happens so fast.
NiamekAuthor 152 5
7 anos atrás
After playing Mario sports mix's volleyball game, I just thought something:

Maybe aim for something that plays almost like this game, but be more severe with timing and give more ball control. For precision, one could do like the downloadable apps spike masters(a great volleyball game on android): Give some players a better accuracy with the circles thingy?
7 anos atrás
@Niamek: you have a Wii?
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