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Next players leaves the club from Poland...

The Management of the team from Szczecin say that they are going to fight until the end but it seems the end is getting closer. There are currently only eight players in the squad. The contrac... Show more

2018-11-30 0 1116 1081 1 min read
Volleybox2 years ago 1081 0

There is  next sad information about Stocznia Szczecin, polish club with superstars. We still don't know if next match (overdue) against Trefl Gdańsk will take place.

It's no secret that players of Stocznia Szczecin are still waiting fo... Show more

2018-11-28 0 870 846 2 mins read
Volleybox2 years ago 846 0

Current 5th team in the table of Polish Plusliga, Stocznia Szczecin had great financial problems and delays with payments for their players. President of the club, Jakub Markiewicz in the interview with "Przegląd Sportowy" said that club... Show more

2018-11-24 2 1587 1575 3 mins read
Volleybox2 years ago 1575 2

We choose the best volleyball coach of 2014 year (voting will continue until Friday - 09.01.2015). You can vote for three best volleyball coaches (example: 1. Bernardo Rezende - 3 points, 2. John Speraw - 2 points, 3. Stephane Antiga - 1... Show more

2015-01-05 21 5518 5506 2 mins read
Volleybox6 years ago 5506 21
The ex-head coach of the volleyball champion of Italy - Itas Diatec (Trento) Radostin Stoytchev gave an interesting interview for volleyball.it. (translation: volleycountry.com).

Have you thought about a return in Trento?
- I didn't w... Show more
2013-07-26 3 3291 3291 4 mins read
Volleybox7 years ago 3291 3
Formal national volleyball coach Radostin Stoychev was chosen by popular vote as the best volleyball coach in the world for 2012. The poll was done by leading website volleyball.it.

The coach of club team Trento won 68% of the votes. ... Show more
2013-02-22 10 2908 2907 1 min read
NightFox8 years ago 2907 10
The coach of the national team Nayden Naydenov confirmed that Matey Kaziysky will not participate in this summer's Olympics in London.

If you are wondering what is BG scandal just take a look what is happening at the Bulgarian Volleyba... Show more
2012-07-13 4 2354 2351 2 mins read
Wilfredo_is_Marshall8 years ago 2351 4
Yesterday's match was the last for Matey Kaziyski and Radostin Stoytchev in National team of Bulgaria.

Rado Stoytchev explained:
The main reasons are three:

"The first is the inefficient management of the federation.
Scandals in all v... Show more
2012-06-11 65 7897 7893 1 min read
Sllaveq8 years ago 7893 65
Silvano Prandi said "no" to Bulgarian national team. Therefore Stoychev is back at work.First it was announced that Silvano Prandi is taking head coach job after Stoychev. However, it appeard that Italian didn't really said "yes" to this... Show more
2012-05-17 3 1830 1828 1 min read
Wilfredo_is_Marshall8 years ago 1828 3
What in the world is going on with Bulgaria?

So Coach Stoytchev got fired by the BVF Federation after Bulgaria failed to win the Olympic Qualifier they hosted last weekend in Sofia. Then hours later, a news erupted that Bulgaria’s ace s... Show more
2012-05-16 19 3591 3587 3 mins read
Wilfredo_is_Marshall8 years ago 3587 19

BREAKING NEWS from Bulgaria: MATEY KAZIYSKI is reportedly planning on leaving the team after the firing of Coach Stoytchev. OMG! Prandi has been chosen to coach the team at the upcoming final Olympic Qualification. We're not sure what th... Show more

2012-05-14 42 7399 7397 1 min read
Wilfredo_is_Marshall8 years ago 7397 42
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