Renan Dal Zotto cheat (2nd movie)

Volleybox 2018-10-03 22:13 • 551 views
While leading 14:11 in tie break Brazilian coach tried to force the referee to repeat the action. He achieved his goal, but after the game FIVB understood that Dal Zotto was cheating. After that FIVB punished Brazilian coach and he was banned for the match against USA. Read his official statement after that situation: “It was an extremely tense, nervous game where we were losing 2-0 and it took a superhuman effort to turn around and win a game that was be decisive for our trajectory in the competition. In the last points, taken by a huge surge of adrenaline, at the height of the tension of the final stretch of the game, I ended up releasing a ball, unintentionally, that went towards the court. That ball did not interfere in anything, nor changed the tempo of the game, but the FIVB thought it better to suspend me for a match. We do not agree with the decision, it was a strict punishment, but we respect the decision.”
1537974000, World Championships 2018 Group I
Pala Alpitour, Turin


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