Russia - Bulgaria (full match)

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After victory over Czech Republic on Saturday, Russia won against Bulgaria 3:1 in the last game of the group D in Gdynia. Bulgaria showed some impressive skills in defense, but Russia was unstoppable in that match. This time, Voronkov wasn't experimenting. Russian line-up worked great. Muserskiy with 21 points, including 68% in attack, showed why he is one of the strongest weapon in Russian team. Nikolay Pavlov played also great match at a high level (he scored 20 points, 58% in attack). The first teams in each group automatically are promoted to the quarterfinals (Belgium, France, Finland and Germany), while second and third teams from each group will play playoff matches and last teams will go home. The reigning Olympic champions will have a relatively easy task on Tuesday against Slovakia, but then the big test on Wednesday will show whether Russia will vie for another title. The quarterfinals matches in Aarhus will play Italy vs. Netherlands at 17:00, after that Serbia will meet Denmark at 20:00. The winner of the first match will play against Belgium in the quarterfinal and the winner of the second match will meet with Finland. In Sopot first match will play Russia vs. Slovakia at 17:00 and the second match the host team Poland will play against Bulgaria at 20:00. The winner of the first match will play against France while the winner of the second match will play against Germany. Create volleyball agency websiteCreate volleyball agency website
Date: 22.09.2013
Place: "Sports Hall", Gdynia (POL)
Match: Russia - Bulgaria 3:1 (Group D, 3rd match)
Kind of tournament: European Championships 2013
Commentary: Russian

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ZytaPL 1360 11
7 years ago
Good job with the matches, guys. Any chance for both matches Bulgaria vs Germany? Had no chance to see them? Maybe Bulgarians can help at this matter?

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